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Welcome to the Official Coffee Craze Wiki
Welcome to the Coffee Craze Wiki
Welcome to the Official Coffee Craze Wiki, a publicly accessible and editable wiki for information related to Coffee Craze. The wiki and its 15 articles and 66 files are managed and maintained by 1 active contributors from the Coffee Craze community, along with the wiki's Community Administrators. Anyone can contribute.
About Coffee Craze

Automate your production, manage your idle profits, and become a barista tycoon!

Everyone loves a coffee brea. Run the best coffee shops in the world by serving your customers with delicious drinks! But you have to be fast… Manage your time wisely and get ready for the COFFEE CRAZE!!!

Be an entrepreneur! Customize and upgrade your shop and employees! Your clients will be more and more satisfied once new equipments are unlocked and new decoration arrives! As a boss, you can manage an amazing shop and earn money by serving everyone in time!
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We are currently maintaining 328 pages (15 articles)!
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